How to Create and Animate in After Effects 3D Space
How to work with 3D Cameras
How to use 3D views to create a 3D Motion Path
How to Create 3D Animation using multi-planning concept
How to Create and Animate 3D Lights
How to work with 3D Nested Compositions
How to Create Shadows – The ingredients of Shadows and how to make them appear

A working Copy of After Effects – Preferably After Effects CC 2018
Though this an All Level Course knowing the basics of After Effects will be an added advantage

Learn the concepts, tools, methods and properties that you need to create stunning animations in Adobe After Effects 3D Space.
3D Space is essential to creating animations. Many avoid 3D all together thinking it is difficult and hard to work with.

The Truth: it is Not.
3D elements are excellently introduced in this organized and unique course and are easy to learn and practice.
Learn the important methods and properties in After Effects 3D:

Master Cameras:
Styles, Presets, Modes, Parameters
Work with Lights and understand their effects
Optimize Orthographic Views
Create Shadows using the elements that make shadows appear
Learn Multi-planning within the 3D space – an essential concept to using 3D

A unique approach to learning 3D:
This course is unique in its approach to 3D. You will learn each element separately and in-depth. You will master every element before moving to the next. Separating the learning experience for each element will allow you to focus on the details that make or break your 3D experience.

You will also fully understand how to work with the views. Mastering and optimizing the orthographic views will make a genuine pro. It is then that you will start ‘seeing’ 3D as easy and simple.

Content and overview
You will start by noting the similarities and differences between 3D and 2D and discovering orientation and rotation and how to use them.

You will learn about multi-planning how to fake it in 2D and how to use it in 3D. This very important step will cement your understanding of 3D in After Effects and will allow you to start manipulating your views in readiness to adding Cameras and Lights.

Moving on to cameras: An in-depth overview of Cameras in After Effects. The different type of Cameras and how they affect your scenes and animations. Mastering Cameras and all its parameters, options, setting dialogue will finalize the conceptual (and practical) learning for 3D.
One of the most impressive features in After Effects is the ability to create lights, mixing 2D and 3D and getting amazing effects. You will get a detailed explanation and practical overview of the Lights system in After effects and how to use them with Text Animations or lighting up still scenes.
Much more is covered in this course – Such as shadows, depth of field, falloffs and much more.
Are you ready to take Your After Effects Skills to the Next Level – The 3D Level?
Join in and Welcome

Who is the target audience?
After Effects users if intermediate or beginners in 3D, who want to learn 3D in After Effects in a Simple and Concise way
Video Editors – Personal or Commercial
Motion Graphics Enthusiast

Essential 3D – Working in 3D Space and Animation Techniques 34:13
Welcome to 3D Space in After Effects 01:15
Download your Project and Footage Files for the course 00:15
Switching Layers to 3D – Comparing 2D and 3D 02:51
Changing 3D Views Layout working with 3D Views 04:11
Exploring the 3D Position Property and the 3D Axis System in Local Mode 03:44
Exploring the 3D Rotation Property – Rotation and Orientation 05:44
How to Optimize your views with the Camera Tools 06:10
Animating in 3D and Modifying the 3D Motion Path – Part 1 07:03
Animating in 3D and Modifying the 3D Motion Path – Part 2 03:00
Concept, Usage and Manipulation of Multi-planing 13:02
What is Multi-planing 01:05
Creating and Animating in Multi-plan 07:25
Practice Activity: Multi-planing & Animating 01:14
Practice Activity Tutorial: Practice Activity Multi-planing & Animating 03:18
How to Create and Animate 3D Cameras 43:40
Adding a Camera to your composition – Angle of View 07:12
Comparing Camera Presets and selecting appropriate camera 05:52
How to use the Camera Tools in the Active Camera View 06:06
Moving and Animating the Point of Interest 02:55
How to use the Anchor Point Tool on the Camera 07:58
How to Create an Orbit Animation in 3D 07:35
How to create and use the Camera Orbit Null 06:02
Working with 3D Lights 24:04
Creating 3D Lights 04:03
Working with Parallel Lights 03:47
Working with Point Lights 02:35
Working with Spot Lights 06:59
Understanding the Spot Light Properties 06:40
Creating Shadows 18:21
How to Create Shadows 05:00
Exploring Shadows with Point Light 05:13
How to get the best of Lights and Shadows 03:28
Exploring Shadows with Spot Light 04:40
Your Composition in 3D 06:21
Setting Nested Compositions to 3D 03:06
Effect of Collapse Transformation on Nested Comps and 3D Layers 03:15
Bonus and More 00:11
Bonus Courses – Learn more for less 00:11