00 – Introduction
Creating motion graphics in After Effects
Samples and inspiration
Big-picture concepts
How to use the exercise files

01 – Working with Shape Layers
Shape layer overview
Shape layers and transforms
Repeating elements
Create write-on paths
Path operators on shape layers

02 – Working with Animation
Understand keyframe interpolations
Add and adjust keys
Introduction to the Graph Editor
Alter speeds with time remapping and other techniques
Anchor point fundamentals
Motion sketching
Create looped animation with expressions

03 – Working with Compositing
What is compositing?
Blend modes for layers
Create and animate masks
Use track mattes
Add effect filters

04 – Working with Type
Set type
Use text animators
Animate type on a path

05 – Basic After Effects 3D
Introduction to 3D layers
Cameras and lights
3D layer properties
Null object parenting
Build a basic camera rig

06 – 3D Geometry
Introduction to Cinema 4D renderer
Create 3D text
Create 3D geometry
Introduction to Cinema 4D Lite

07 – Rendering for Motion Graphics
Add compositions to the Render Queue
Render multiple files with the Render Queue
Use Adobe Media Encoder
Use prerenders

08 – Motion Graphic Workflow Tips
Important motion graphic workflows
Collapse transformations
Essential Graphics panel
Master properties
Responsive design: Time

09 – Conclusion