If you’re new to Elixir, you’ll get step-by-step guidance in an engaging format you won’t find anywhere else.
If you have experience with Elixir, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of things you’ve been taking for granted and fill in any knowledge gaps.

Go From a New Project to a Complete Elixir/OTP Application
By developing a real app with real code, you’ll gain practical experience putting all the pieces together to craft applications the Elixir/OTP way. As we build an HTTP web server from scratch, we explore real-world scenarios for:
► pattern matching
► multi-clause functions
► recursion and lists
► concurrent processes
► asynchronous tasks
► external Elixir libraries
► built-in Erlang libraries
► OTP GenServers and Supervisors

The first half of the course focuses on core Elixir facets, principles, and techniques. In the second half, we focus on what sets Elixir/OTP apart: concurrent processes, the actor model, OTP behaviors, and fault recovery.
By building up to the point where we need a unique facet of Elixir/OTP to accomplish something in our application, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of both the “how” and the “why” of Elixir/OTP app development. Learning this way makes everything “click”… and it’s just more fun!