Book Description
Multiplatform applications have taken the development world by storm. This has revolutionized the selection of the right tools for the efficient development and deployment of applications. Xamarin studio is emerging as the preferred choice among .NET/C# developers. It enables them to design cross-platform applications using their favorite language and IDE. Xamarin studio is supported by the Mac OS and Windows platforms, and you can develop your own applications for iOS, Windows, or Android with its help.

This book takes you through all the stages of application development, right from getting started with Xamarin and developing a GUI to putting up your application on the store. The recipes will help you in acquiring sufficient knowledge to go about creating applications.

Starting with introducing Xamarin studio, its underlying technologies, and the Android ecosystem, the book goes on to cover the graphical aspects of creating Android applications. Moving on, you will learn more about data management with Android services. This is followed by techniques on how to interact with the Android OS and the phone’s hardware, before finally concluding with mobile advertisements and Google Play. By the end of this book, you will have discovered all the specialties related to developing Android application with Xamarin Studio.

Table of Contents
What You Will Learn
Build a GUI for your Android applications
Explore Android activities and understand configuration changes
Manage multiscreens, icons, and multimedia in your applications
Start and bind Android services and create notifications
Create beautiful applications using the camera and animations
Effectively couple your phone’s hardware with applications
Integrate advertisements and select the right advertisement providers for your applications
Mathieu Nayrolles
Mathieu Nayrolles was born in France and lived in a small village in Côte d’Azur for almost 15 years. He started his computer science studies in France and continued in Montréal, Canada, where he now lives with his wife. Mathieu holds a PhD in electrical and computer engineering from Concordia University and two master degrees from eXia.Cesi (software engineering) and UQAM (computer science).

Despite his academic journey, Mathieu also worked for worldwide companies such as Ubisoft, Eurocopter, Ericsson, or Saint-Gobain, where he learned how important good technical resources are.

You can discover some of his works through his books: Expert Angular, Xamarin Studio for Android Programming: A C# Cookbook, Mastering Apache Solr: A practical guide to get to grips with Apache Solr, Instant Magento Performances, Magento Performance Optimization: How to, and Mastering Apache.